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What Towing Services do we provide in Edmonton?

If you happen to drive yourself to work daily or from place to place occasionally, chances are that you might need to have the contact of a towing service. It is totally within the realm of possibility that your car might stumble upon the need for towing services sometime. No matter how well you maintain your car and how well you use it, these things are bound to happen and you cannot do anything to stop them. Perhaps anything on the road can cause you a flat tire or there might be a technical or mechanical problem that can stop your journey like a brick wall in the middle of the road.

Drivers and vehicle owners throughout the world testify to the fact that it is indeed really important. We can estimate how often do people hire towing services by a study that was carried out last year that the “car towing industry” in the USA will be generating a revenue of approximately 312,2 million U.S. Dollars.

A lot of people tend to believe that towing is the only service that a towing company provides which is far away from being the reality. They also provide several services like car boosting service, kick start service, wheel repair, car lockout, and fuel fill-up. A towing company provides you with several benefits that can’t be counted on your fingers. So, let’s just start by understanding the basic advantages of hiring our towing services in Edmonton.

Basic Benefits of Hiring Our Towing Service in Edmonton

Always at your service in times of crisis

With the idea of expressways and streets, the mishap can occur anytime out of the blue. Finding support on desolate streets in the wake of meeting with a mishap is an exceptionally tiring method and can make even the most adamant people lose their nerves. This issue can undoubtedly be managed by essentially calling our towing services for emergency towing as it offers its types of assistance all day, every day.

Economical cost Assessment

Our towing company gives drivers the complete help cost after they have assessed the entirety of the important things. To start with, they get some information about their area and their ideal two objectives; this aid in ascertaining the aggregate sum of distance that would be covered. The subsequent inquiry posed by the service is about the size and model of the client’s vehicle. The last inquiry set is about the circumstance of the vehicle. This all assists the organization in giving the client a complete help cost that is acceptable for them also.

The best quality services

We are driven by our passion to serve you with the best and our goal is to give our clients the best conceivable service. We are equipped with simply the best gear for offering different types of assistance to our clients. The tow trucks that are conveyed in crises are additionally of the greatest conceivable quality and have the solidarity to tow even the heaviest vehicles serenely.

We get service to you immediately

We are always ready to rescue you from the roads and we don’t ever hesitate or hold back from serving you. Whether it be Long Distance Towing, Emergency Towing, Car Boosting Service, Car Unlocking, or Vehicle Storage, we have years of experience and a long history of always being immediate to get to you, no matter what the circumstances are. We have been able to make a reputation for our responsiveness to any kind of emergency, which is the reason why we are trusted throughout Edmonton. Contact us today in case you need our assistance with your broken car.

24/7 service

We have a highly motivated and dedicated team that finds peace while being at your service. Our 24-hour service testifies to our love for our work in all circumstances and emergencies. Our towing service guarantees the wellbeing of the residents and explorers by giving help and support 24 hours per day. The company has been helping Edmonton and its vicinity for quite a while at this point and has just been improving and better as the experience stacks up. We have been working enthusiastically to cover the entire Edmonton town. They have been doing this by utilizing different setup drivers and project workers and afterward dispatching them to different corners of the city.

My Big Tow: The Best Towing Service in Edmonton

From small cars to motorcycles, from trucks to cranes, from long-distance towing to car boosting or car unlocking, My Big Tow towing service has been at their “A game” in all kinds of circumstances. With their long terms of service and involvement in this business, they have successfully made a great name for themselves throughout Edmonton. We have a skilled team, equipped with the most modern equipment and tools and are driven by unity, motivation, and dedication to serve you the best quality service and to make things easier for you.

You never know when your car breaks down or when you encounter a flat tire on the highway, so it is always smarter to always be prepared for any circumstances. Contact us today to consult our towing experts.

How to Prevent Locking Your Keys Inside and Car Unlocking Edmonton Hires?

The most common trouble which happens with most individuals is that they accidentally lock their car keys inside. People forget that keys are still in the ignition and leaves it there unknowingly. This provides an opportunity for thieves to break inside, get the keys and drive away with your vehicle. Even if it’s not stolen till the time you come back, it becomes a real pain for you to access your car. You cannot go anywhere without getting your car keys back and that is only possible when you try to break in or getting help from Car Unlocking in Edmonton. To prevent lockouts, there are few suggestions listed below.

1.      Pick Your Keys Whenever You Leave from Home.

Once you plan to leave home, take the car keys with you and once you park and leave the car take the keys out of the keyhole and keep them with you. Instead of leaving the car and forgetting the keys inside, ensure that you have them with you all the time. If you forget to take your keys out and leave, someone will do it for you and take your car away. Once you park your car in a parking space, be attentive on any beeping sound once you open the door, it means the car keys are still in the ignition spot. The beeping sound reminds you to take the keys out instead of leaving them behind. Otherwise, you have to call for a Car Unlocking in Edmonton and pay for your ignorance.

2.      Keep Spare Keys in Your Wallet and Home.

To prevent any bad event on your way out, make sure you have an extra pair of keys with you as well as at your home. People who have this problem of forgetting things and leaving car keys behind should get an extra pair of keys or keep the contact of Car Unlocking in Edmonton. This way you can avoid lockouts. You can use the spare key to unlock your car and get inside easily. But people usually keep this key in their houses; under doormats, etc. You can also carry this key with you all the time. Just keep it inside your wallet or attach it to your phone.

3.      Get Your Lock Fixed Before Getting Stuck.

Car lockouts do not always happen because of leaving your keys inside, sometimes it occurs due to a defaulted lock. To avoid such a thing, you should contact a locksmith, car mechanic or Car Unlocking in Edmonton to resolve this issue permanently. You can also leave your car unlocked to avoid getting stuck outside, but then the risk of your car getting stolen gets higher as well. If someone finds your car unlocked, he might try to get inside and steal it. Do not waste time and get the lock fix before it’s too late.

4.      Attach a Metallic Key Ring to Add Weight

Do attach some metallic key rings with your spare keys and even with your original car keys to avoid losing them. If in case, your keys ever fall to the ground you will be able to notice it immediately due to the chink. You would also feel the missing weight in your pocket and will never leave it inside. This will avoid your hires for Car Unlocking in Edmonton and will save your money and hassle altogether.

Avoiding Scams and Getting Precise Towing Services in Sherwood Park

Despite innovative products to facilitate your hassles, the towing services in Sherwood Park is a great way to assist stranded people in trouble. As the road collisions, stalled vehicles or flat tires are inevitable, they can occur in the most unexpected places; leaving you in the hands of towing companies to come and help you instantly. These services are typically provided by your car insurance, but if you’ve not subscribed to these services or out of the service range, you have to rely on third-party service providers. Here’s a guide to help you select the best company for your roadside assistance.

Check for The Offered Services:

The first rule of hiring a towing company? Make sure the company you’re looking at does what you need. There’s more to towing than simply moving a vehicle that has been a part of a collision or is damaged, so don’t assume all towing companies do the same things. Most of the towing services in Sherwood Park are specialized in car removal services and roadside assistance, while others are equipped for recovery and heavy transportation. Chose accordingly and save yourself from further hassles.

Go Through Customer Reviews:

Looking through the reviews is a great way to assess the efficiency of a company. However, when we want you to follow the reviews, we don’t want you to do it blindly. If there’s time, go through the reviews to get a real idea of what they’re about.

While not always sustainable, companies can manipulate protocols to get good reviews only. So, if you’re going through the reviews, take them with a grain of salt. An eye for detail may keep you from being hoodwinked by the stream of fake reviews posted by fake towing services in Sherwood Park.

Read the reviews thoroughly and judge how detailed and real the description is. It will help you have a better idea of how reliable the company is.

Always Check Their Service Range:

As a profound towing services in Sherwood Park, we do a lot of work to make sure our customers know that we’re available whenever and wherever they want us to be.

There is no point in hiring a company that doesn’t even serve where you are stranded. Most towing companies have their specific areas of operation. If you pull them up on your phone, the companies you see should be ones that can get to you right away.

This is why you should always bear in mind the names of companies operating in your traveling areas to get the best hires among them. If you don’t, you’ll have to be in trouble for quite some time.

The Pricing of Offered Services:

Tow truck companies know how impatient their clients could be. They get their phone calls from people who don’t have time to shop around. And some are going to use that to their advantage.

You should, therefore, look for numerous quotations before finalizing your choice for the towing services in Sherwood. You must also check the different prices of towing your car to a service shop or your home.

Not all of us can afford to pay whatever a towing company quote. This is why it is also important to pay heed to the pricing as well.

The Emergency Response Support:

Except for certain transportation and roadside assistance, the call for a Towing Services in Sherwood Park is mostly in emergencies. Therefore, you must always check who is offering you the best response time. If everything else is favorable, except this one, you must look for others.

My Big Tow offers towing services in Sherwood Park with reliability, proficiency, affordability, and punctuality to maximize user comfort.

The Tires My Big Tow Use In Its Trucks For Different Towing Demands.

Edmonton is a very decent and economically satisfying area of the Alberta province. It is a colossal municipality with all its suburbs and cities interlinked. Why we’re discussing the geography is just to provide you with a practical reassurance point of our towing services. While working throughout the region, we understood that we have to address all those areas that can be accessed by your car and possess a higher chance of requiring roadside assistance. This thoughtful reassessment also explored the difficulties that our vehicle might experience.

After a careful analysis of the geography, we shortlisted three different types of terrains to reach.

  1. The Speedway:

In includes the massive encompassing the Edmonton, 216 ring road. This speedway covers all areas of the Edmonton with a long yet impressively quick route. The south also welcomes the north end of a more significant highway the 2nd. It connects Edmonton with red deer and eventually to Calgary. A yellow highway intersects the North, Northeast, and the Northwest of Edmonton. Other inter-regional highways are 170 St NW and the 75 Street NW.

  1. The Communities:

If we speak go in details about the each and every community of the Edmonton you could be scrolling down the page half your life. However, the major communities include. Strathcona, pleasant View Japser place, West mount, Beverly, and Eaux Clairies. Every community holds significant importance as the entire community is entirely purposed for a specific reason along with some commercial and residential neighbourhoods as well.

  1. Offroad:

Throughout the year, the weather of the Edmonton gifts different natural sceneries attracting both the inhibitors and the foreigners. The main areas for a family picnic or a friend’s accompanied wanderlust are mostly around North Saskatchewan River. Lois Hole Continental Provincial Park and lakefronts in Eaux Clairies can also be your choice to experience the wilderness.

This was a revolutionary assessment helped us to choose the best tires for all these areas assuring:

  • Safety and comfort on high-speed towing.
  • Easy access and towing for remote areas.
  • Convenient manoeuvre through city premises.


Therefore, we use the following tires to the terrain of the Speedway, The Communities and Off-road respectively:

  • Michelin Defender LTX:

With their extra steel belt adding to the rigidity and convenience of handling both dry and wet pavements, these are the annual leader of the best towing tires of 2020.  They are long-lasting with 70K miles, offers the least noise on high speeds and smooth to drive. They are installed for the highway response units to be safe and comfortable even when attached to load.

  • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial:

The champion of the off-road tire is here. It has a 3MPSF rating for snow use and allows the driver to have maximum power in the pedals and responsiveness in hands. For the great noise vibrating steering and only 50K thread warranty, they are not ideal for greater speeds. Hence, we only use them in off-road response units.

  • Firestone Transforce HT Radial:

The best tires for the cities are extremely durable and provide excellent handling all around. There’s no thread warranty hence not applicable for faster speeds and with flat edges, will not function on snow either. They’re best used in trucks impounding local cars.

Reliable towing services in Edmonton and St. Albert

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? We are just a call away


We understand how unpredictable accidents and car break downs can be. Cars are essentially machines that are built on delicate mechanisms that work together to put you on the road. Anything can go wrong in the middle of nowhere with no other vehicle present to pull you from a parking garage, a tire stuck in a ditch or a dead battery. This is where we offer our long-distance towing Edmonton to anyone anywhere.

We are fully prepared, equipped and ready to deal with various cars and situations. Our towing technicians are trained and have the experience to deal with impromptu situations that are a result of your vehicle being stuck in towable scenarios. We have been delivering long-distance towing Edmonton for years and as such have dealt with situations that need a heavy towing truck to pull vehicles from roadside ditches, from being stuck in snow and ice-related situations pertaining to extreme winters here in Edmonton.

Our heavy-duty towing vehicles are ready to reach you within the hour in St. Albert or anywhere in Edmonton. We offer towing services in St. Albert for any vehicle. Whether you want us to pull a semi-tractor or a sports car to a service shop; we are just minutes away from you. We take the uttermost care with any vehicle that is put in our care. We will tow it using the safest equipment and techniques that ensure that your vehicle is fully operational and there is no damage from towing, once it is back on the road. We will send a Flatbed towing vehicle just to protect your tires from any burnout.

We promise safety and as such, we need you to provide us with all the details and your exact circumstances. Our tow vehicle will be dispatched to your location accordingly and immediately. Our team members will provide their names and the decided reference number when they reach you. Our Long distance towing Edmonton is a service handled by professionals who are fully insured and trained to get reliable service to you.

We promise affordability, powerful towing vehicles and short response time for our customers. We achieve this by taking our customer’s opinions and input into account and keeping up with the market prices. However, our quality of service and care for our customers distinguishes us from others in the business.

We offer efficient towing services in St. Albert along with other services that make our customers’ life easier. Whether you are locked out of your car or your battery needs a boost. We will send members of our team to help revive your battery and get you back on the road.

Besides this, we are available for any roadside assistance that you need. Being locked out of the car is a common occurrence and we will get you back in just a few minutes. Call us at 780 885 8569 to deliver the best tow service in Edmonton.

Towing in Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton once was a major city of a trading post, with the post-world war 2 oil boom came and industries of an automobile. The increase in road vehicles made way for other counter companies to help the people and the auto industry. Many mechanics and car towing company started to appear during 1989 and onward. Which gave a great boom to local business beginning from that time in Edmonton. And among these opportunists where My Big Tow car company, for many years they are serving in every corner of Edmonton, Alberta. With their experience in handling every kind of vehicle makes them the best tow service company in the area of Edmonton.

My Big Tow only had one objective since the day they took their first step in the business of tow servicing company, that is to assist all commuters in a situation of their car break down. Which is at the time very stressful, especially when your car breaks down in the middle of a highway or nowhere. It could at any time of the day, the unlucky thing would be going through it during the night time which is more dangerous as the highways are dark, this could be pretty scary for some people who eventually make them panic not knowing what to do.

We took a step in the business of towing service in 2005 and since then have served thousands of satisfied customers. The only reason we got popular in the area of Edmonton and northern Edmonton is by word of mouth. Ability to solve problems in amazing response time has given us a lot of attention for the past many years. So, rest assured if you need your car to be towed call our dedicated and honest team to help you solve your matter.

Our customer support staff is available 24/7 round the clock to help you with your problems. You never know when is your car going to burst its tyre or run out of gas or any other reason for which you need to stand still. With our 15 years of experience in the field of towing service, there is no match for our prices and our services.

We proudly serve all car, truck and other vehicle owners, Edmonton, AB

Live 24/7 Towing Service
780 885 8569


Our towing, tire change and car lockout and other services are available 24 hours and 7 days week anywhere in Edmonton area.