How to Prevent Locking Your Keys Inside and Car Unlocking Edmonton Hires?

The most common trouble which happens with most individuals is that they accidentally lock their car keys inside. People forget that keys are still in the ignition and leaves it there unknowingly. This provides an opportunity for thieves to break inside, get the keys and drive away with your vehicle. Even if it’s not stolen till the time you come back, it becomes a real pain for you to access your car. You cannot go anywhere without getting your car keys back and that is only possible when you try to break in or getting help from Car Unlocking in Edmonton. To prevent lockouts, there are few suggestions listed below.

1.      Pick Your Keys Whenever You Leave from Home.

Once you plan to leave home, take the car keys with you and once you park and leave the car take the keys out of the keyhole and keep them with you. Instead of leaving the car and forgetting the keys inside, ensure that you have them with you all the time. If you forget to take your keys out and leave, someone will do it for you and take your car away. Once you park your car in a parking space, be attentive on any beeping sound once you open the door, it means the car keys are still in the ignition spot. The beeping sound reminds you to take the keys out instead of leaving them behind. Otherwise, you have to call for a Car Unlocking in Edmonton and pay for your ignorance.

2.      Keep Spare Keys in Your Wallet and Home.

To prevent any bad event on your way out, make sure you have an extra pair of keys with you as well as at your home. People who have this problem of forgetting things and leaving car keys behind should get an extra pair of keys or keep the contact of Car Unlocking in Edmonton. This way you can avoid lockouts. You can use the spare key to unlock your car and get inside easily. But people usually keep this key in their houses; under doormats, etc. You can also carry this key with you all the time. Just keep it inside your wallet or attach it to your phone.

3.      Get Your Lock Fixed Before Getting Stuck.

Car lockouts do not always happen because of leaving your keys inside, sometimes it occurs due to a defaulted lock. To avoid such a thing, you should contact a locksmith, car mechanic or Car Unlocking in Edmonton to resolve this issue permanently. You can also leave your car unlocked to avoid getting stuck outside, but then the risk of your car getting stolen gets higher as well. If someone finds your car unlocked, he might try to get inside and steal it. Do not waste time and get the lock fix before it’s too late.

4.      Attach a Metallic Key Ring to Add Weight

Do attach some metallic key rings with your spare keys and even with your original car keys to avoid losing them. If in case, your keys ever fall to the ground you will be able to notice it immediately due to the chink. You would also feel the missing weight in your pocket and will never leave it inside. This will avoid your hires for Car Unlocking in Edmonton and will save your money and hassle altogether.