Accident Crash Towing

24-Hours Accident/ Crash Towing In Edmonton

Have you met an accident and been stranded somewhere in the Edmonton area? There is no need to worry because our remarkable, quick, and reliable towing service in Edmonton is tailored to rescue you and your accidental car from any location at a discounted price. We understand that even a pro driver can experience a collision, minor injuries, and life-threatening crashes in freezing winters. Roads get slippery and visual abilities reduce to a large extent because of heavy snow.

Such an unforeseen accident can leave you with shock and mental trauma. Staying calm in this situation and calling our two trucks in St. Albert and Edmonton area is the best thing you can do at that moment. Gather yourself so we can hear you clearly on the phone and arrive on time to tow your vehicle to your home, a nearby mechanic, or a scrap yard. If anyone is in serious condition, wait there and call the ambulance. Our long-distance towing in Edmonton is designed to help you tackle the most challenging and scariest moments of your life.

We will provide the quickest, cheapest towing for all cars and trucks and assistance in claiming your insurance.

How Do Our Crash Car Pick-Up And Roadside Assistance Work?

Getting An Emergency Call

We suggest you remain calm and look carefully where you and your broken car are located or at least tell the location you were traveling in for better understanding. Our staff will ask for the exact address, so be patient and cooperate with them. If not, try to recall a notable place or the closest cross street, nearest highway, or a connecting road you were traveling on.

Tell us about the accident, your vehicle, and its complete information so we can send the most suitable and fastest accidental car towing team to the crash site. If you need more tow trucks and more than one vehicle is involved, we will send multiple rescue trucks as fast as possible to dispose them of right away.

Arriving On The Crash Site ASAP For 24-Hour Towing In Edmonton

We dispatch towing teams instantly to provide seamless crash towing service for all the cars and trucks across Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert. Being a professional Car/Truck towing company, responsible tow truck drivers at My Big Tow will escort you to your home and help you claim the insurance. After arriving at the crash site, we prioritize ensuring everyone is safe.

Our team members will try their best to minimize the stress you experience from an accident and go the extra mile to provide peace of mind so you can get back to normal. Our towing staff always stays in running shoes to help the car owners who need emergency roadside assistance and towing facility.

A Quick And Professional Accidental Car Towing Process In Edmonton

Everything depends on the damage caused by the unfortunate scenario. If your car is in fragile condition or broken into two pieces, we can arrive with appropriate equipment and specialized drivers to lift it and take it to your home, mechanic, or scrap yard. No job is big or small for our towing staff because this is what they have seen during the last 15 years of excellent service. Our process is fast and transparent to offer cheap towing services for all vehicle owners.

You need to provide proof of ownership to get our insured car towing services at highly affordable rates. We know how to pick a broken car and take it to the scrap yard. If you are sitting on the side of the road with a broken car and your hands on your head, contact us to request quick roadside assistance, recovery service, and crash towing in all of Edmonton’s terrains, and we will be there to pick you up and your car in just a snap of a finger.

We recommend you take some pictures of the scene and damage to your car, as we will help you claim insurance later. We will dispose of a broken or accidental vehicle on the same day through our 24-hour towing.

24/7 Emergency Car Towing In Edmonton At Discounted Rates

We know accidents can happen to anyone at any time, so our team of responsive individuals stays on guard to lend our help 24 hours for emergency towing and roadside assistance for car owners. We recommend you keep our number saved on your mobile phone and contact us in case of unforeseen collisions. We will arrive soon to offer everything, whether you need minor repair services, instant roadside assistance, or towing services throughout the Edmonton area.

We Will Arrive To Rescue You From Anywhere In

  • Edmonton
  • Sherwood Park
  • St. Albert

Reasons To Call Us In Times Of Need

  • 24-Hour Accidental Car Towing And Recovery Service In Edmonton
  • Assistance With Your Insurance Claims
  • An Insured Company Having Over 15 Years Of Experience And Well-Trained Staff
  • Fast Response, Reliable Towing, And Dispose Of Assistance
  • Transparent Rates And Reliable Service
  • Special Exemption In Rates For Crash And Accidental Car Towing