Reliable towing services in Edmonton and St. Albert

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? We are just a call away

We understand how unpredictable accidents and car break downs can be. Cars are essentially machines that are built on delicate mechanisms that work together to put you on the road. Anything can go wrong in the middle of nowhere with no other vehicle present to pull you from a parking garage, a tire stuck in a ditch or a dead battery. This is where we offer our long-distance towing Edmonton to anyone anywhere.

We are fully prepared, equipped and ready to deal with various cars and situations. Our towing technicians are trained and have the experience to deal with impromptu situations that are a result of your vehicle being stuck in towable scenarios. We have been delivering long-distance towing Edmonton for years and as such have dealt with situations that need a heavy towing truck to pull vehicles from roadside ditches, from being stuck in snow and ice-related situations pertaining to extreme winters here in Edmonton.

Our heavy-duty towing vehicles are ready to reach you within the hour in St. Albert or anywhere in Edmonton. We offer towing services in St. Albert for any vehicle. Whether you want us to pull a semi-tractor or a sports car to a service shop; we are just minutes away from you. We take the uttermost care with any vehicle that is put in our care. We will tow it using the safest equipment and techniques that ensure that your vehicle is fully operational and there is no damage from towing, once it is back on the road. We will send a Flatbed towing vehicle just to protect your tires from any burnout.

We promise safety and as such, we need you to provide us with all the details and your exact circumstances. Our tow vehicle will be dispatched to your location accordingly and immediately. Our team members will provide their names and the decided reference number when they reach you. Our Long distance towing Edmonton is a service handled by professionals who are fully insured and trained to get reliable service to you.

We promise affordability, powerful towing vehicles and short response time for our customers. We achieve this by taking our customer’s opinions and input into account and keeping up with the market prices. However, our quality of service and care for our customers distinguishes us from others in the business.

We offer efficient towing services in St. Albert along with other services that make our customers’ life easier. Whether you are locked out of your car or your battery needs a boost. We will send members of our team to help revive your battery and get you back on the road.

Besides this, we are available for any roadside assistance that you need. Being locked out of the car is a common occurrence and we will get you back in just a few minutes. Call us at 780 885 8569 to deliver the best tow service in Edmonton.