What Are 5 Situations Where You Will Need A Tow Truck Service?

Driving is an essential part of living in Canada. You must drive multiple times in a single day, such as driving kids to school, bringing kids back home, going to work, doing groceries, etc. This increases the chances of getting stuck on the road with no backup.

More often it is due to a lot on your plate to deal with regularly. This hectic schedule can make you forget to fill up the tank or pick up the spare tire from the garage which leads you to a scenario where you may need assistance to get your wheels back on track through roadside assistance or towing service.

What Is A Tow Truck And What Do You Need To Know?

A tow truck is a recovery vehicle that is used when you get into a problematic situation and can’t drive back home or to any other destination. These situations can include car damage due to an accident, getting a flat tire that doesn’t have a spare, or your car won’t start, etc.

You can benefit from the services of a tow truck in Sherwood Park anytime and anywhere in your area or en route to a long trip. People sometimes confuse a towing truck with a car carrier trailer. A huge difference between them is that towing truck is called in case of emergency but the other one is used to transport multiple vehicles in routine.

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There are some unavoidable situations where you may need to call for the help of professionals. Some of them are as follows:

1. Dead Battery

Sometimes you go out in your car and leave it just fine but when you return to take her back home, it just won’t start again. There is a chance that it may be a mechanical fault, but if it didn’t show any symptoms like stalling or requiring multiple self-starts earlier, there is a possibility that the battery is dead. There are two possible ways things can go forward: jump-start the car with an external or reserve battery or call a trusted towing company.

They will boost provide you with a car boosting service or can also tow your vehicle to any place you prefer from a garage or your place. Sometimes, towing companies also provide roadside assistance to start your car rolling again. If the first solution isn’t an option due to no reserve battery in your trunk, then calling the professional towing company in St. Albert is the only viable option.

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The crew of towing companies has incredible skills and advanced equipment to help you out in such a bad situation. However, a cheap tow truck doesn’t guarantee reliable service so you will need to go a bit deeper to confirm their service quality too.

2. Out Of Fuel With No Reserve

Experienced drivers know almost everything about their cars. Such as their vehicle’s fuel average, oil change date, when to change plugs, air filters, brake pads, recharge batteries, etc. Knowing these details helps them at times like at the mechanic. Also, they know the expected car maintenance time even if don’t remember the schedule.

It is important to fill your tank first before you start your day even on normal weekdays. Although beginner drivers often make the mistake of not keeping the average of the vehicle in mind. So, they get stuck with no gas in the car in the middle of nowhere.

Imagine a situation on a highway where your vehicle ran out of gas. Your first instinct should be to get out of the way, clear the vehicle for any valuable belongings, and wait for help. At that point, if you have any reserved gallons of fuel in the back trunk that will be a ray of sunshine in the darkness. You can use that to get your vehicle to the gas station or if you don’t have that, you will have to wait for the 24 hour tow truck service in Edmonton.

3. Flat Tire In The Middle Of Nowhere

A flat tire is a common grinding task you have to deal with more often on damaged roads. This is why learning a few maintenance skills is suggested to avoid long waits and the embarrassment of sitting on the sidewalk waiting for help. But if you do face this kind of situation, call the professional towing truck services in Sherwood Park.

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The advantage of experienced towing service providers is that they always keep their word. If a towing company says they will be at your help within an hour and they do arrive within that time frame they are worth saving in your contacts, just in case of emergency. They can tow your vehicle through flatbed towing service, two-wheel dolly towing, or flat tow bar towing service, whichever you prefer on friendly charges under your budget.

4. Accident – Car Crash

An accident is the worst situation a vehicle can be in. Even a minor accident can have an impact on the car which would be expensive to repair. It is highly recommended to not let beginner drivers reach maximum speed limits to avoid casualties like hitting a pole or a pedestrian or crashing with another vehicle. A pedestrian hit at speed of 30 km/hour to 60 km/hour has a 10% to 80 % chance of dying respectively.

A damaged car or any vehicle that isn’t in safely drivable condition after the accident shouldn’t be driven anywhere. Instead of that contacting emergency towing in Sherwood Park is the better call to make in a such disturbing situation.

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There isn’t a major difference in the ratio of drivers between males and females except when it comes to driving large transport vehicles. Women drivers getting commercial driver licenses has risen 88% since 2010 but their demand in this industry is still a long journey as only 3% of female drivers work in the trucking industry.

5. Locked Out Of The Car

Getting locked out of your car is not alien to beginner drivers, but it can also happen to pro drivers. If you don’t have the spare key set on you then it can be a bigger problem to deal with. In any case, there are many options to deal with this situation.

One is to call your car company and tell them to open your car locks which will require some verification and this won’t be a problem anymore. Though it can be a bit difficult if the owner of the vehicle isn’t available to verify.

Another option is to grab some tools and try to open the door from the outside but that may void the car warranty. So, the last option is to go for roadside assistance or towing services in Sherwood Park which is the most reliable way to get your vehicle back on track. The roadside assistance service can help you open the car lock in a few minutes.

Final Call

If you are anywhere near Edmonton or Sherwood Park and in any of the above situations or have been stuck in snow or mud then call for professionals. The responsive fleet of My Big Tow in Edmonton will be quickly at your location with all the equipment you may need.

Your concerns will be duly noted and you will be given detailed instructions about the options that lay ahead of you. After choosing the perfect and most suitable location for your vehicle, it will be delivered there safely and sound. In the case of roadside assistance service, your issue will be resolved before you know it.