The Tires My Big Tow Use In Its Trucks For Different Towing Demands.

Edmonton is a very decent and economically satisfying area of the Alberta province. It is a colossal municipality with all its suburbs and cities interlinked. Why we’re discussing the geography is just to provide you with a practical reassurance point of our towing services. While working throughout the region, we understood that we have to address all those areas that can be accessed by your car and possess a higher chance of requiring roadside assistance. This thoughtful reassessment also explored the difficulties that our vehicle might experience.

After a careful analysis of the geography, we shortlisted three different types of terrains to reach.

  1. The Speedway:

In includes the massive encompassing the Edmonton, 216 ring road. This speedway covers all areas of the Edmonton with a long yet impressively quick route. The south also welcomes the north end of a more significant highway the 2nd. It connects Edmonton with red deer and eventually to Calgary. A yellow highway intersects the North, Northeast, and the Northwest of Edmonton. Other inter-regional highways are 170 St NW and the 75 Street NW.

  1. The Communities:

If we speak go in details about the each and every community of the Edmonton you could be scrolling down the page half your life. However, the major communities include. Strathcona, pleasant View Japser place, West mount, Beverly, and Eaux Clairies. Every community holds significant importance as the entire community is entirely purposed for a specific reason along with some commercial and residential neighbourhoods as well.

  1. Offroad:

Throughout the year, the weather of the Edmonton gifts different natural sceneries attracting both the inhibitors and the foreigners. The main areas for a family picnic or a friend’s accompanied wanderlust are mostly around North Saskatchewan River. Lois Hole Continental Provincial Park and lakefronts in Eaux Clairies can also be your choice to experience the wilderness.

This was a revolutionary assessment helped us to choose the best tires for all these areas assuring:

  • Safety and comfort on high-speed towing.
  • Easy access and towing for remote areas.
  • Convenient manoeuvre through city premises.

Therefore, we use the following tires to the terrain of the Speedway, The Communities and Off-road respectively:

  • Michelin Defender LTX:

With their extra steel belt adding to the rigidity and convenience of handling both dry and wet pavements, these are the annual leader of the best towing tires of 2020.  They are long-lasting with 70K miles, offers the least noise on high speeds and smooth to drive. They are installed for the highway response units to be safe and comfortable even when attached to load.

  • Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial:

The champion of the off-road tire is here. It has a 3MPSF rating for snow use and allows the driver to have maximum power in the pedals and responsiveness in hands. For the great noise vibrating steering and only 50K thread warranty, they are not ideal for greater speeds. Hence, we only use them in off-road response units.

  • Firestone Transforce HT Radial:

The best tires for the cities are extremely durable and provide excellent handling all around. There’s no thread warranty hence not applicable for faster speeds and with flat edges, will not function on snow either. They’re best used in trucks impounding local cars.