5 Top Benefits of Calling a Professional Towing Service

Knowing who to call is super important if your car gets stuck on the highway. Most people think of tow trucks first. But not all tow truck drivers are the same. 

Only a few are good at what they do. If you need help, it's better to call a professional tow truck service. We can make sure you get the best help possible.

Comprehensive Towing Services

Hiring a towing service like My Big Tow is great because we can help with any car problem. We can rescue you if you lose your keys, get a flat tire, or run out of gas far from home. We can also assist you with lockouts and make sure you can get back on the road quickly, so your day stays on track.


1. Quick Service

Our pros who help on the road know how to come fast when you need them. Sometimes they can get there just minutes after you call. This means you don't have to wait long to get going again, which saves you time and money. Also, they work all day and night, so you can rely on our team no matter when you need help.

2. Fully Equipped Trucks

Some people believe they can handle car problems alone, but it's usually better to let the experts handle it. Our professionals have special tow trucks with all the safety gear and tools needed. We use different kinds of trucks, like flatbeds and wheel lifts, to move your car safely from one place to another.

3. Peace of Mind 

When you're stuck on the road, safety is really important. With a professional towing company, you know you're safe. We have insurance that protects you if something goes wrong.

4. Affordable Prices

Some people may think they save money by asking a friend or family member for help when their car breaks down. But that might not be true. Getting a professional tow truck in Edmonton is often cheaper than you think. Plus, our rates are usually lower than those of car dealerships or mechanics. So, it's a smart choice to go with My Big Tow professionals. 

How to Choose a Towing Company? 


When choosing a tow truck company, make sure to do your research. Remember these things:

1. Ask for Recommendations 

If you don't know where to start, ask your family and friends for advice. They might have called for roadside help before and can suggest a good towing company.

2. Check Licensing and Insurance 

Before you hire a towing company, make sure they have a license and insurance. This means your car will be safe with them.

3. Be Clear About Pricing and Offers

Make sure to ask about the company's prices and what they offer before you hire them. That way, you won't get any unexpected costs later on

4. Check Vehicles Availability

Not every towing company has the same kinds of tow trucks. Ask about the types of trucks they have to make sure they can tow your vehicle.

5. See Online Reviews

Lastly, read reviews from other customers online before you decide. This helps you know what to expect from a professional towing service.

In Conclusion

When your car breaks down, calling a professional towing service is your best bet. We can quickly rescue you, no matter the time. We come prepared with special trucks and tools to keep you safe and get you back on the road. Plus, we're insured for your peace of mind. 

Contact My Big Tow now if you want professional towing services in Edmonton.